Guy Sebastian has admitted he regrets language he used in a clip of him swearing at a group of teenagers over the Easter holiday break, adding the clip didn’t show the full extent of the situation.

The footage, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, shows the Voice coach storming up to the group of teens and calling one a “f***wit” after they allegedly said something offensive to him.

Looking clearly frustrated, the clip shows Sebastian approach the group saying, “I was f***ing being nice to you”, as one teen tells him to calm down.

“He’s a kid, calm down,” one teen repeats.

“I was a kid once, I wasn’t a f***wit,” Sebastian replies.

In his response to the clip, the 40-year-old singer said he regretted using strong language, but that the clip didn’t show everything.

“We all know teenagers can push boundaries,” he told Sunday Confidential.

“This isn’t an isolated situation.

“Being provoked for a reaction and being filmed sometimes comes with being in the public eye.

“I shouldn’t have sworn, I am not proud of that, but … it’s a very short snippet of a situation that does not tell the full story.”

The emergence of the footage comes at the end of a tough week for the Aussie artist, who gave evidence against his former manager in court and was forced to postpone his tour dates after testing positive to Covid.

Image: @guysebastian (Instagram)

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