A Melbourne man has been accused of causing damages of up to $1 million to a Telstra phone tower, as well as a strange plot to capture Victorian premier Dan Andrews.

Nathan Glover, 44, appeared in court on Thursday, where a police summary was read about the events of October 7th.

The report claimed that the man rode an electric scooter to the Telstra tower about 1.5 kilometers from his home, broke in and started a fire.

Mr Glover denies any involvement in the act of arson.

The fire caused about $1 million in damage and took telecommunications offline, endangering public safety by limiting access to emergency services.

Upon searching the man’s home, police found magic mushrooms, cannabis, wire cutters, petrol, two samurai swords, and an electric scooter and clothing that match CCTV footage of the offender.

They also found a six metre-by-1.5 metre hole in Mr Glover’s backyard, which he allegedly told police was to imprison the Victorian premier.

Police allege that an account on the encrypted messaging app Telegram with the name “Nate Glove” volunteered in September for “special ops”, in the chat group titled Hoodlums of Melbourne Special Ops.

“I’m down for special ops, but only if I get to burn something down,” the account allegedly posted.

“Those 5G towers would make a nice fire,” the chat’s administrator allegedly responded.

“My thinking exactly,” the Nate Glove account allegedly replied.

Nathan Glover has been charged with criminal damage by fire, possessing a prohibited weapon, possessing cannabis, possessing drug of dependence, and committing an indictable offence while on bail.

Image credits: Facebook / Getty Images

This article first appeared on Over60.