Thylane Blondeau, dubbed the “most beautiful girl in the world” has taken to Instagram to share details of a medical scare.

The 20-year-old French model shared the news with her 4.6 million Instagram followers on Monday, saying how her terrifying ordeal began over a year ago.

Thylane explained how she had emergency surgery for an ovarian cyst that “exploded” in her stomach, and how that was just the beginning of her health issues.

She shared photos of her wearing hospital gowns, laying in a hospital bed, at check-up appointments and her surgery scars, along with a lengthy caption describing the ordeal.

Her caption read, “A year ago I had an emergency operation for an ovarian cyst that had exploded in my stomach. 3 months after, my belly started to hurt again and at the beginning everyone (and I ofc) thought it was because of the operation.”

“I’ve seen more than 4 radiology centres in Paris and all of them said the same thing, “don’t worry U have nothing it’s all in your head.”

After experiencing unbearable pain that she “couldn’t handle anymore”, Thylane visited the emergency room.

She explained that after she had numerous doctors dismiss her concerns, she finally sought the help of doctor Olivier Kadoch who found a 5.6cm cyst touching her ovary.

“He [Kadoch] sent me to do an IRM and an hour after… the doctor called me and asked me to go straight to the hospital to do an emergency operation.”

The French model professed how thankful she was for her time in hospital, writing “Today I’m finally feeling better. I’m finally feeling free, I really thought I was crazy for complaining about my stomach for so long.”

“Happy that I’ve never gave up.”

Image credits: Instagram @thylaneblondeau

This article first appeared on Over60.