As tennis fans around the world wait to hear if Novak Djokovic will be kicked out of Australia, another country has been pulled into the debacle and forced to dispel rumours.

Authorities in Spain have rejected new rumours that they are investigating the tennis champion’s entry into Spain late last year.

Novak travelled from his native Serbia to Spain in December, where he began practicing for the Australian Open.

Tennis reporter Gaspar Ribeiro Lanca tweeted on Thursday, “Breaking news: COPE reports that the Spanish Government is now investigating whether unvaccinated Novak Djokovic entered the country illegally in late December.”

“Since September 20, citizens from Serbia need a vaccine certificate OR a special exemption to enter Spanish territory but so far the authorities say they did not receive any request from Djokovic.”

However, cold water has been poured on suggestions Djokovic is under the microscope in Spain, as a spokesperson for Spain’s interior ministry told Politico, “The news is false. Neither the government has ordered it nor is there any police investigation open on the athlete.”

Despite these rumours being laid to rest, the tennis reporter’s claims for entry into Spain are accurate, with international travellers needing a valid Covid-19 vaccinate certificate or exemption, as stated by Smart Traveller.

Novak is still awaiting his fate for competing in the Australian Open, as Federal Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has yet to make a decision about his visa.

The Age reports a member of Djokovic’s camp said legal action will immediately be launched if he is ordered to leave the country, even after having his visa cancellation overturned in court on Monday.

According to the report, Team Djokovic is hopeful any legal battle over his visa status would be resolved by Sunday, allowing the Serbian to continue to compete in the Australian Open, which starts on Monday, if he is successful.

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