Disgraced ex-TV host Piers Morgan has come out swinging once again at Meghan Markle, in the wake of her victory in court against the Mail on Sunday.

Piers, who currently writes for the Daily Mail, took to Twitter to call Meghan “Princess Pinocchio”, and blast her of being “two-faced”.

Meghan sued the Mail on Sunday over the publication of a “personal and private” letter she sent her father Thomas Markle in 2018.

Publishers Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) launched an appeal against a decision to grant a summary judgment – meaning The Duchess didn’t need to face a high-profile trial.

The judges at the Court of Appeal ruled in Markle’s favour, and dismissed new claims of that threatened her credibility.

Within hours of the ruling, Piers lashed out at the Meghan once again, while also promoting his Daily Mail opinion column.

Piers tweeted, “A responsive statement from Piers, The Earl of Exposing Princess Pinocchio Bullsh*t, will be published shortly.”

In a statement from Meghan Markle, she said that her win in court would transcend her personal experience, and would help anyone slated by the press.

She said, “This is a victory not just for me, but for anyone who has ever felt scared to stand up for what’s right.”

Morgan argued with Markle’s statement saying that the case was “beyond parody”.

In his Daily Mail column, he wrote, “She can claim ‘victory’ all she likes after this court case, but all it really did was expose her real character to the world and the cold hard two-faced reality at the heart of Meghan and Harry’s attitude to privacy.”

When sharing his column to his following on Twitter, he added, “Put your gloating champagne away, Princess Pinocchio – the court of public opinion now knows you’re a fork-tongued devious manipulative piece of work who only wants to protect your privacy so you can sell it.”

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