Peter Helliar has shared what it was like living with COVID-19 after testing positive to the virus earlier this month.

The co-host spoke about the side effects he experienced on Tuesday night’s episode of The Project, crediting the vaccine for his ‘mild’ cold-like symptoms.

“I had three days I felt like a mild cold. I did lose taste for a couple days and smell for about a week. I also got some chills in the night,” he explained.

“People say you won’t know what the vaccine did because it’s the only experience I’ve had. But I tell you what, I had the vaccine and it worked as advertised.”

Earlier in the week, he also spoke about his experience on social media and praised science and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Image: @theprojecttv (Twitter)

“So I was sick of friends saying they didn’t know anyone with Covid. So I went and got Covid (not deliberately of course),” he jokingly captioned a photo of himself posing for a smiling selfie.

“I am nearing the end of my quarantine and I feel absolutely fine. The worse it got was a mild cold.”

Helliar clarified that his mild experience with Covid wasn’t because it couldn’t cause serious symptoms, but that his fully vaccinated status had kept him safe.

“Not because the virus didn’t have bad intentions but because science is brilliant and being fully immunised meant I had a whole bunch of vaxxy goodness protecting me. My family are safe and I am grateful,” he wrote.

“I’ll be back to work next week for an extremely viral Vednesday.”

The comedian also admitted he may have “a crush” on science.

“Thank you Science. I think I got a crush on you,” he said.

“Also to all the health workers and services. Luckily I didn’t need to go to hospital but everyone I spoke to on the phone were completely compassionate, professional, caring & incredibly patient.

“The system is undoubtedly under a great deal of stress but they are doing a wonderful job.”

Helliar has shared his gratitude for healthcare workers several times in the past few months, including when he received his second jab in July and when he received a COVID test in February.

“Stay positive Melbourne! Why not wear a party shirt to get tested?!” he wrote, sharing a photo of himself in a mask and with both thumbs up standing next to a nurse inside a testing tent.

“Thanks to frontline nurse Jade for her lovely wooden seat side manner.”

Image: @theprojecttv (Twitter)

This article first appeared on Over60.