In the most dramatic news to happen to grocery items since the 1992 show Supermarket Sweep, Anthony Albanese has admitted he doesn’t know how much a box of tampons cost.

The leader of the Labor party was caught red-faced in an interview with The Today Show‘s Ally Langdon on Thursday morning, as he became the latest politician to undergo the unofficial grocery test.

However, Ally took the test up a notch, asking Albo if knew how much feminine hygiene products cost.

“We know that the PM got stumped by the cost of bread and milk the other day. You of course were across household items, so here we go,” Ms Langdon asked.

“For your female voters, can you give us the price of a box of Carefree?”

“No I can’t,” Mr Albanese responded with a grin.

“I live with my son who is 21 years old and I assure you that is something I can’t tell you.”

Albanese was confident he could beat Scott Morrison’s score in the test, which was a resounding zero, but admitted that the cost of feminine hygiene products was not his area of expertise.

“I can tell you the price of bread and Vegemite and a range of products. I can tell you the price of cereal but no, you have got me there Ally,” Mr Albanese said.

The average cost of a box of 16 Carefree tampons would set an Aussie woman back about $4 at any major supermarket or pharmacy.

While Albo admitted defeat in not knowing the cost, he used this golden opportunity to remind audiences that he is part of a Labor team who fought for the removal of the goods and services tax on tampons.

“I can tell you this, they are too much. They are too much and it is a good thing that the GST got taken off them as a result of a very effective campaign by Labor along with women out there in the community,” he said.

Ally Langdon’s not-so-Carefree question comes just days after the Prime Minister made headlines for not being able to tell a Sky News reporter the cost of a loaf of bread, a litre of milk, or a rapid antigen Covid test.

While Scomo admitted instant defeat over these seemingly simple questions, the interviewer did not specify which brand of bread or which type of milk, dairy or non-dairy, he was referring to.

Either way, a Liberal minister has since come out and assured concerned Australians that the Prime Minister’s wife Jenny is a beacon of knowledge when it comes to doing the weekly shop.

“From the Prime Minister’s point of view, if he’d sat there and Jen was with him, she’d be able to rattle off all the prices of all the things they buy,” Minister for Employment Stuart Robert said.

It is still unclear if Scomo has taken the time to learn the price of these items.

In light of the Prime Minister’s blunder, The Morning Show hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur dug through their archives to resurface a similar interview with then-Deputy PM Julia Gillard from 2009.

The hosts laid out pantry essentials such as eggs, beef, mince and the notoriously difficult milk and bread, for Gillard to guess the cost of.

Despite her best efforts, Gillard only guessed one of the five items correctly, and still went on to become Australia’s first female prime minister.

Reflecting back on the clip, Gillies remarked that the former PM “did well.”

“I would have, looking back on it now, I would have done exactly what she did … isn’t it funny how bread has been such an issue for so long in politics,” she said.

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