The teenage mum has spoken out about the disturbing footage of her 11-month-old baby vaping that surfaced online.

The 16-year-old says she regrets the incident and was unaware the incident was being filmed.

She was seen laughing in the footage when her baby was forced to smoke the vape, causing him to cough severely.

The video was widely condemned on social media.

Officers from the NSW Mid North Coast Police District went to the house in Kempsey following a “concern-for-welfare-report” for the baby.

The check was called for due to the footage online, which showed the baby’s aunty holding the vape to his mouth.

In one video, a woman can be heard asking the 11-month-old, “want to try?” before putting the vape in his mouth, while in a second clip, a woman is seen laughing as the baby coughs out the toxic vapour.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the child’s mother called the incident a “silly joke”.

“I wish I didn’t do it, but I never meant to hurt him. I would never hurt him,” she told the outlet.

“It was just a silly joke, I put the vape up near him and I never thought he would grab it, I thought he‘d push it away.”

“I know I did the wrong thing, but what people are saying to me and writing is full on, I don’t deserve that.”

NSW Police did not press charges against the mother. They said in a statement that “no further action will be taken”.

A spokesperson from NSW police said, “Police have now spoken with the child’s family and – following advice provided by medical professionals and other governmental agencies – no further police action will be taken.”

The decision not to press charges comes amid horrified social media users demanding that the baby be taken from his mother.

“Who gives their kid a vape, grow up and be a better mother,” one user said.

“How can you put the vape up to your own son’s mouth and watch him suck on it and laugh while he’s choking and coughing.”

The mother commented on one of the clips, “Every c*** got the hide to sit there and talk about me and my child, take a look in yas own backyard,”

“You ain’t perfect either so keep that mouth going you ain’t scary, you’re nothing but bums.”

For parents who believe their child has inhaled smoke from a vape, experts recommend seeking medical advice from the poisons hotline or visiting an emergency room.

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