Two contestants on The Block have received one of the lowest scores in the show’s history, after their messy and cramped spaces were revealed.

Despite having to complete the garage, study, and wine cellar, twins Josh and Luke received a total score of 8, and didn’t take the judges’ criticisms well.

“It’s completely awkward and weird space. We’re really pissed off,” Josh said on the show.

“I have nothing to say to them,” Luke added.

“It’s completely disrespectful and they can go and get f****d.”

Though the judges approved of the pair’s garage door, which had pedestrian access inside, and their wallpaper, they noted that the space seemed basic and unfinished.

When they reached the lounge room, the judges shared their disgust.

“Where is the bloody respect?” Judge Neale Whittaker yelled while throwing his hands in the air.

The space included a mattress balanced on top of a lounge suite, rolls of toilet paper and dirty tools on chairs, and pieces of insulation piled next to furniture.

The judges were also concerned the state of the room would damage the house, with dust covering everything and boxes and dirty dishes everywhere.

“What message is this sending out? It’s saying: ‘we don’t give a flying …” Neale trailed off.

Though Neale was the most vocal with his criticisms, judge Darren Palmer also had something to say.

“This is inexcusable. It is a pigsty.”

The judges were also critical of the unfinished ensuite that was attached to the lounge room/study.

“That bathroom needs to go. It’s a planning disaster,” Darren said.

In the basement, the judges found a carpeted wine bar, minus plumbing or a fridge and more dust covering everything.

“Nothing functions. It’s all useless.” Neale said.

“If Neale wants to complete four areas in a week, I will give him a brush and see how he goes,” Josh countered.

“He can come and paint. I’d love to watch him paint,” Luke added.

“And until then, he can shut up.”

The pair also took to social media to share their feelings and shed some light on what happened behind the scenes.

“Another rinsing this week,” Josh wrote on Instagram.

“Contrary to what was shown, Luke and I were up till 5am doing as much as possible to present the rooms for judging.”

He also promised that things would be looking up for the pair in the next challenge.

“As for the remainder of the home which had nothing to do with the judges, get ready for the facelift of the century. We will also be transforming the study this week into a big bedroom!

“Another massive week from our team with the finish line now in sight. Can’t wait to share everything we achieve over the coming week 😁.”

Image: @luke.packham / Instagram

Luke added more to the story on his own social media page, writing: “We worked really hard this week and came up short, unfortunately the editing team like to show us sleeping instead of showing us going to bed at 5am after working all night.”

Image: @luke.packham / Instagram 

The brothers shared what the lounge/study area looked like after it was completed, with soft carpet, plush footstools, a pool table and a popcorn machine.

Ronnie and Georgie ended up claiming victory in the huge Garage, Study and Wine Cellar Week challenge with a score of 27.

Image: @packham_pear / Instagram

This article first appeared on Over60.