In my last article I talked you through the furniture pieces you don’t actually need to replace. And this week I want to expand on that post, by showing you that when it comes to the finishing touches in your home, budget can be beautiful.

There’s nothing better than decking out your home without spending a lot of money, and below I’m going to tell you which pieces of decor and furniture you can skimp on that are still incredibly stylish.

Mood lighting in a space is super important, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money here. You have my full approval to spend around $60 on a table lamp and under $150 for a floor lamp. With table lamps, opt for varieties with a large base and shade. They’ll take up more space on a table, which means more visual impact.

The one thing to look out for with floor lamps is sturdiness. Some cheaper floor lamps can have unstable, wobbly legs (especially tripod varieties). So give your lamp a shake in-store to make sure it’s well grounded. 

Budget -art -wyza -com -auA simple art print can transform any room. Image from Casey Freeman

Art prints
I’m a big fan of investing in original art from local artists when decorating a living room, for example. But if you’re dressing a spare room, hallway, office or other room that you don’t spend a tonne of time in, a cluster of budget art prints is the way to go. 

There are tonnes of online stores that sell prints for around $20 or $30 each (quote art is still on-trend and I love it). Buy four prints, pop them in some cheap IKEA frames, and hang them in a line down your hallway. Instant update for under $200 total. 

Bonus tip: Canvas art is usually priced really well too, it’s light as a feather, and makes a big impact for minimal spend. 

If your budget is tight, cheap mirrors are the way to go. The beauty of the more affordable ones is that they’re smaller and lighter, so they’re easy to hang using velcro Command hooks or similar.

If you want to make a big impact with your mirror, consider four smaller square mirrors hung on the wall in a grid. It’ll take up the space of a much larger mirror, but without the price tag and hassle of hanging something so heavy. 

I usually say that anything you sit on should be invested in, because comfort is essential. However, stools are the exception. The truth is, you won’t spend a lot of time on the stool itself (15 minutes while having a tea or coffee), so you don’t have to spend hundreds here.

To ensure sturdiness, though, go for a metal bar stool that comes in one piece. That way, the legs won’t wobble and you don’t ever have to worry about it falling apart underneath you. Pop a cushion on top if you need some extra comfort.

TV unit
The TV unit is one of the furniture pieces I always advise clients to skimp on if they’re on a budget. This is because you generally don’t even look at it when watching TV, and it’s not a piece built for comfort. It’s literally a rectangular box that elevates your television off the floor.

I suggest you go cheap here and save your money to spend on other items. There are TV units on the market for under $70 that come on wheels and still have cavities in them for your DVD player, stereo or set-top box. 

Budget -table -wyza -com -au (1)Hall tables are a great way to decorate space – and can be bought quite cheaply! 

Hall table
I love a hall or entry table inside the door of a home. It’s a great place for dropping keys and mail. And if nothing else it gives you a space to decorate! The good news is that you can go cheap here too.

The one thing to be careful of is not sitting anything too heavy on a hall table. The height of a hall table means that it’s already quite fragile. Cheaper versions often feature thin legs. So either secure it to the wall so it can’t topple over, or ensure it only holds light decor that won’t smash should it get knocked over.

The moral of the story
I like a home to have a mix of new and old, pieces you’ve splurged on and items you’ve gotten for a steal. It makes your space feel more well-rounded and personal. So don’t be afraid to go cheap when you need to. It saves you money and then you can invest in more costly design elements that really matter!

What budget buys have you made for your home? Comment below.

(Feature image: ©Art Club Concept)

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