Decorative planter boxes

If you’re looking for a great low maintenance gardening option, decorative planter boxes are a great solution.
Planter boxes are perfect for organising and managing container plants. Not only do they add colour and vibrancy to outdoor and patio décor, they’re also easy to work with.

Planter boxes basics
Smaller planter boxes are quite cheap, and are available from nurseries and major retailers. They’re very easy to decorate, and allow for a lot of flexibility in how you use them. They can be used as space managers and design features in outdoor or indoor areas.
The best plants for containers are the indestructible favourites like geraniums, pelargoniums, succulents, aloe, oregano, ficus, peace lilies, lavender, and similar hardy, low maintenance plants.

Planning your planter box design and layouts in advance
Consider your intended layout and planter placement and think about what spaces most need brightening up. Because empty planter boxes are so light and easy to move, the best way to plan your layout is to experiment by placing the boxes in different areas.
Planter boxes also come in many shapes and sizes. Some small boxes are suited for a window sill or balcony, whereas others serve more as a long garden bed.

When you are at the nursery choosing your planter box use a paint swatch to see how the colours, particularly brighter colours, will look onsite. Mix and match to your heart’s content, you’ll be surprised at the different options colours and styles present.
You can also use wheelbarrows and other themed shapes as planter boxes. Your local nursery will have many different options. Visualise each planter, in place.

A shopping tip while searching for your planter boxes: Compare top brands to get a good idea of prices and quality. You’ll be able to spot a good price instantly.

Decorating your planter boxes

  • Wood staining your planter boxes: Wood staining is extremely popular in urban environments. Good wood stains can produce fabulous colours and excellent décor matches. Be sure to apply your wood stain in a well-ventilated area.
  • Painted planters: Using outdoor paint and stencils, you can use garden motifs, plaques, and decorate individual planters for special plants like orchid planters and herb planters. You can use floral and antique designs to accent your planter boxes.
  • Important health and safety note: Be extremely careful when handling planter boxes containing plants and soil. Ask for help to lift if necessary.

Take time to find the planter box designs and motifs you really love. You’ll have a lot of fun creating your fantastic planter box garden.