There’s no greater moment than curling up in an armchair to watch TV (or am I the only one who finds this time of the day absolutely amazing?).

What’s not so exhilarating is hunting down an armchair that feels just right. There are so many factors to consider; from function, to look and feel, to comfort – and beyond. The mission can seem exhausting and almost never-ending.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for your ideal armchair, as well as some of the best comfy and chic options on the market right now.

Things to consider when buying an armchair

First things first: How it looks
Before you hit the stores to road test armchairs, think about the look and feel you want the armchair to have. Shopping can be an overwhelming experience. There will be loads of options to choose from, and potential shop assistants throwing different possibilities your way. With that in mind, think about the look of the chair well before you leave the house.

Copenhagen _Chair _from _Adairs _wyza _300x 450
Copenhagen chair from Adairs

What colour armchair would work best in the room with your decor? Do you want a patterned fabric or flat colour? Is there a style you tend to gravitate toward, like a slimline option, or one that feels large and cuddly? Have a think about all of this first.

Don’t worry about it matching
Often, you might be keeping your existing two or three-seater sofa and simply replacing your armchair. If this is the case, don’t try and match the armchair to the existing sofa. Chances are you won’t find an exact match anyway, so you’re better off going for something completely different.

Let the armchair be a wow moment in the room and have it stand out. You can tie the look together by having a cushion on the armchair that’s the same colour as your existing sofa, and vice versa.

Next, consider your fabric options
Thinking about fabric is important for one major reason. If you’re anything like me, you might be eating, drinking and having pets on your armchair quite a bit. This means you’ll want an armchair material that’s easy to clean.

Microfibre, wool and leather are all comfortable and soft to the touch, but they’re also super easy to clean spills and stains from. You might also want to consider an armchair with removable covers you can put in the wash.

Preston armchair from Mayvn Interiors

Now hit the stores and sit, sit, sit
I’d never recommend you buy something as vital as an armchair online. You need to go into stores to let your backside do the decision making. I always say that you have to be a little forward in this respect; sit on chairs for a while, lay back in them. Recline in them if they have that functionality.

All too often people feel intimidated or rushed by staff in stores. But you’re going to be sitting in this chair for years to come. You can’t be expected to decide on it in a matter of minutes. Ask for some time to try it out when you’re in-store and really experience what it’ll be like to curl up in once it’s home.

Think about the height of the chair back, too. Are you wanting to lay back in it at night? Neck support is important, so make sure the armchair offers that level of comfort, and ensure your back feels supported when you sit down too.

Do you have a favourite armchair? What’s special about it?

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