The smallest of changes can make the world of difference when decorating any confined spaces in your home. If you’ve recently downsized and discovered your smaller rooms have become a little too cluttered, fear not, there’s plenty you can do.

Small changes can make the rooms in your house appear larger and could allow for a tone of new space. Consider these subtle differences you can make without breaking the bank.

The difference furniture can make
If you have a small study or room that you want to get the most out of, an important piece of furniture to consider is the couch. It will generally be the biggest item in the room therefore, once you get the right style and fit, you'll have a starting point for the rest of your lounge's design.

Floor Planner is a wonderful tool to plan out and utilise the space in your room. It can give you a digital look of your room to make it easy to plan for the space.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Apartment Therapy suggests that using mirrors within a confined space can do wonders to a room's atmosphere and feng shui. You can group small mirrors together or have large one that hangs half way down the wall. A floor length mirror which will create the illusion that the room if taller than it is. This is particularly beneficial if you have short ceilings. Mirrors will also reflect light around the room, and light can be so valuable in eliminating dark corners.

Word of warning, be careful what your mirror reflects. If it is a study with stacks of paperwork, it may make the room look cluttered and untidy. Simplicity in a small room is always best.

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A well-positioned mirror can make your room look bigger

Shelving in small spaces
Shelving in small spaces can be tricky, but once you figure out the right shape and size, they can look elegant. One space that is often under-utilised is under the stairs. If there is a gap, try creating horizontal shelving across the bottom of the stairs. Utilise Spaces suggests the space can be used for storage or be a small library. Also placing hooks or shelves on the inside of cupboard doors can do wonders with limited space.

Hang TVs on the wall
According to Harvey Norman, hanging a flat screen TV on the wall will cost anywhere between $187 to $300, depending on the size of the TV. This will create a vast amount of space considering you won't need a TV cabinet.

Whatever your challenge, there are always fresh ideas for changing your space before your space changes you. 

What are your best tips to help make the best of a small space? Let us know in the comments section below.

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