Re-decorating this Autumn Images : The budget decorator

There’s no better time than a change in season to refresh your home décor. While you may be tempted to shop for everything new, we’ve got some simple tips that prove you don’t have to break the budget to achieve the look you want.

Layer up
Inject some colour and warmth with a bit of layering. Drape a decorative throw on the foot of your bed and pile extra pillows with contrasting patterns to brighten your bedroom. Make your living room pop by replacing old cushion covers with bright new ones, and throw a warm blanket for cozying up on the couch.


Images: The Every Girl / Buyer Select

Rearrange books & ornaments
It may be a handy way to store your library collection and favourite ornaments, but the humble bookshelf holds some serious styling power. Update the look and feel of your living space by rearranging your treasured reads according to colours and shapes. Try stacking a couple of books horizontally with a decoration propped on top for extra dimension. And accentuate the space between books with a bright picture frame or colour-matching ornament.


Images: Field Stone Hill design / Small Shop studio

Bring the garden indoors
Never mind the falling and crumbling leaves outside, keep your home looking fresh and alive with indoor plants. Orchids look great on side tables and windowsills, and the flowers are long lasting with little watering required in the cooler months. If ferns are more your cup of tea, try the Maidenhair fern. The luminous lime green leaves are an instant attention-grabber.

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Images: Country Living / Blog Lovin

Repurpose your quilts
There’s no need to confine quilts to the bedroom. Drape an ornamental quilt over the couch, repurpose some of the fabric into a table runner, cushion cover, window drape, or simply hang it up diagonally on a blank wall. It’s all about getting creative!


Images: Anne Maries anecdotes / Shop Martin Gale 

Paint the door or feature wall
Painting your walls is a great idea but the task can be expensive and time-consuming. So, how about just painting a feature wall or front or back door? If you are painting your door, ensure the paint is durable, and hold up different paint switches to make sure the colour you choose ties in with the trims, roof, bricks and porch.


 Images: Striped Pony / Maria Killiam