Ready to discover 6 quick and easy design ideas for your home?

1. Build an invisible bookshelf
Find some old bookends or metal brackets (the kids probably had some in their rooms!) and knock together your own 'invisible bookshelves'. Once the bracket is firmly fixed to a good spot on the wall, you can stack your books in creative and easily accessible places. Place the largest book at the bottom and remember to never stack too many books. The end result is a charming and easy-to-assemble interior design hack for the ages!

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2. Try vertical gardening
If you’re short on balcony and garden space, vertical gardening can offer homeowners a cheap and efficient way to grow their own vegetables and decorative flowers. Most DIY vertical gardens use old shoe racks or wooden pallets as their basis, but feel free to choose your own materials. Essentially, vertical gardening allows many plants (especially herbs) to grow in tight spaces on top of one another. Simply affix some landscaping fabric to the outsides of the pallet and tightly staple the fabric into place. Then, while the pallet is lying down, fill it in with soil and mulch. Pack the soil and mulch tightly and then plant the flowers or herbs in the spaces between the boards. Slowly raise the pallet and affix it to your wall. In no time, you'll be reaping the rewards of your ingenious gardening hack!


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3. Make your own notice board
An easy and practical addition to every kitchen or living room is a notice board. Instead of wasting valuable resources, you can easily make your own stylish cork board. Simply set aside the corks from wine bottles and when you've got enough begin assembling your board. Cut the corks in half and glue them to a wooden board or sheet with a frame. Scour the garage and you're likely to find what you need for this simple tip.

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Image source: The daily balance

4. Create a stylish jewellery hanger or hat rack
If you have any old pieces of furniture that are beyond repair, you can harvest the knobs for a cool DIY addition to your bedroom or foyer. When you've assembled a few different knobs (the smaller and more decorative ones are preferable), begin looking for nice pieces of untreated wood. Even if it's a little old, the wood will add a bit of rustic charm to the hanger or rack. Screw the different knobs into the wood, with a few inches in between, and then tie some string onto the back panel. In no time at all, you'll have a charmingly unique addition to the bedroom or hallway.


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5. Transform old cabinets into decorative areas
Pull the door off your old cabinet, take out a couple of those old shelves and essentially create a small indoor portico. Paint the space using one neutral colour to create the sense of a much larger area. With a vase of flowers and a lovely photo, this tip will really revitalise and enlarge your home.


Image source: The budget decorator

6. Create unique pot plants
Old glass bottles and decorative tins can be saved and filled with soil borrowed from a buddy’s backyard. Set anything aside which might be able to fit on various window sills around the house. Old tins and small cast-iron buckets are particularly useful, so keep an eye out for them. You can then easily create you own DIY terrarium or house-plant which will be a sustainable addition to your newly revamped home.

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Image source: One good thing

When the kids leave home or 'boomerang' out once again, it is the perfect opportunity to change your home for the better. Don’t be disheartened by small spaces or deterred by the outlandish prices of many home decorator stores. There are a multitude of ways you can spruce up any space on a budget. Here are ten cheap and easy interior design ideas - even covering a newly down-sized home -that will save you time, money and effort.

Ready to redecorate? A great place to start is by decluttering your home. Read more here, take those unwanted items that are left behind and pay a visit your local charity or op-shop. Clearing out your house will give you back some precious space, and do wonders in making your downsized home appear larger and more elegant.

What other quick and easy interior design ideas or tips have worked for you? Share your experiences and advice with others by joining in on the discussion below…