It is important to make sure your property is in tip-top shape before you sell. Here are the basics on marketing your home so it stands apart from the crowd.

Professional photos
Whether you decide to advertise online, through a real estate agency or pitch a sign in the front yard to sell privately, you need photos. But more than that, you need someone who will shoot the best angles of the property, inside and out. Why? Photos can be so influential in advertisements and it will get your potential buyer in the door.

More importantly, the photographs must truly reflect your property. Rich Harvey is the President of Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Association and says,  ”Just like there is truth in good advertising, we'd like to see truth in photography”. 

Wit regard to advertising your home, it is better to draw attention to the lifestyle people could lead. When you connect with people on an emotional level, you are more likely to encourage a sale. 

Alluring aromas
Did you know there is a direct link between smell and the emotional part of the brain? Flowers, for example, are a great way to add colour and they give the house a homely feel, but their aroma is what will stay with potential buyers after they’ve inspected your home. 

Some supermarket plug in products or scented candles can create an unpleasant, overbearing aroma, which is best avoided. Better alternatives are essential oil vaporisers or scented diffusers. For a subtle scent opt for homely fragrances such as linen, orange blossom, gardenia and vanilla.

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Try placing some pleasant smelling flowers around your home

Keep it bright
If you are photographing your house or holding an open home, do so with as much light streaming through as possible. Sunny or well-lit rooms not only brighten the atmosphere, but can also make or break a sale. 

The effects of sunlight on your health bring benefits that can be life-changing. Being exposed to sunlight increases the production of white blood cells in the body, so you can fight off infections, and even just a small amount of sunshine can increase vitamin D levels, lifting your mood in the process. 

By exposing your home to more sunlight, you are creating a great environment for your home and for your family's health. If you are planning on renovating before you sell, then you must bring in the light. A skylight or extra windows in the main living rooms of the house can transform a home's selling power exponentially.

For additional advice on preparing your home for a sale, talk to the team at First National Real Estate today. 

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