Ever since I first made this Raspberry Chia Jam, I've been finding excuses to make it over and over again. It is quick, delicious and a lot healthier than most store-bought jams. If you want something to spread on toast, dollop on porridge or drizzle over pancakes (or if you're like me and just want to eat it by the spoonful) give it a crack. It will be ready in a matter of minutes with very little effort.

I use frozen raspberries to make it (which keeps the cost down). I buy organic frozen ones because berries tend to have some of the highest levels of pesticide residue, but if you can't get organic ones, non-organic won't kill you. Sometimes we have to pick our battles.

It's the chia seeds that 'set' the jam. They absorb liquid to form a gel-like consistency. They also provide a bit of crunchy textural interest, which I like. I add a small amount of rice malt syrup to sweeten the jam slightly, but you can adjust the sweetener to taste or leave it out altogether.