The strange $3 ingredient Nigella Lawson swears by for perfect spaghetti

Nigella insisted that Aussies should use one iconic ingredient made down under when cooking pasta – Vegemite.

That’s right, the 58-year-old celebrity chef praised the $3 ingredient revealing on Today Extra, “You know, an Italian introduced me to this [recipe]. What would the Italians say? Well it was an Italian food writer who brought her children up making Marmite pasta.”

Nigella shared the simplicity of the recipe, requiring only four ingredients. Salt the water as it boils over the stove, add spaghetti to the pot. Then prepare the mixture of butter, vegemite and parmesan cheese.

“Melted butter, tiny bit of the pasta cooking water, get some Vegemite or Marmite melted and some parmesan,” she said.

Once the pasta is al dente, stir the mixture through and serve.

“You’re welcome,” Nigella added as the hosts forked the pasta into their mouths.

“It’s delicious. That flavour that you can’t quite define, it’s amazing,” Kruger gushed.

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