Want to stay friends with your cabin mate after you’ve returned to port? Then follow these top tips.

1. Keep it clean

Cruise cabins are small, so you’re going to have to be neat if you have any chance of smooth sailing. Put your clothes away, don’t leave wet towels on the floor and all your rubbish goes straight in the bin.

2. Share the space

Storage space can make the world of difference in a cabin, so be sure to divide it up fairly. That means wardrobe, drawers, shelves and the bathroom. If you think you’ll want extra, cruise experts suggest bringing along some magnetic hooks that can be stuck to the walls.

3. Fess up to bad habits

Are you a snorer? Talk in your sleep? If it’s the first time you’ve slept in the same room as someone, then you should give them all the gory details before you depart. You could even go the extra mile and provide ear plugs.

4. Check your schedules

Just because you like to wake up at sunrise doesn’t mean everyone does. It pays to have a quick chat about your typical day and what time you like to wake up or go to sleep. It’s meant to be a holiday for everyone.

5. Be quiet!

As they say, silence is golden. So if you want to sneak in late from the nightclub or head out to a 6am gym class, be as quiet as you can. You should also be able to ‘read the room’ and let your buddy read quietly or watch TV without feeling the need to start a conversation.

6. Battle for the bathroom

The smallest room in the house can often become the biggest battleground. Be reasonable with the length of your showers or the time spent in front of the mirror before a night out. And don’t cover the countertops with all your lotions and potions.

7. Charge considerately

Power points are at a premium in cabins, so don’t hog them all. Some cruise lines will let you bring a power board, which can be an easy way to solve your problems. If not, do your best to be considerate. It’s also worth remembering that most smart TVs in cabins can be used to charge items with a USB.

8. Keep your pants on

Just because you are supremely comfortable with your naked body doesn’t mean everyone else is. Invest in a bathrobe, for everyone’s sake.

9. Take some time out

Just because you’re sharing a cabin doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time together. Plan some separate activities or nip off for lunch on your own. A little breathing space will make for much happier sailors.

10. Laugh it off

Little clashes are inevitable, but you need to learn to let things go. Holding a grudge will make it an unpleasant trip for everyone, so do your best to kiss and make up quickly.

Have you ever had to share a cruise cabin? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Article created in partnership with Over60