5 things to avoid on your first cruise

It’s your first foray into the exciting world of cruises. Understandably you don’t know what to expect. While relaxation, fun and adventure are high on the agenda, there’s also the potential for some less enjoyable experiences.

By avoiding the following, you’ll increase your chances of a stress free break.

  1. Don’t become a victim of sickness
    Avoid having your holiday ruined by illness with precautionary measures such as hand washing. Bring your own pillow, air purifier, hand-wipes and supplements. Avoid sharing food or utensils. Bring medications in case you do come down with something and pack those motion sickness pills if you’re prone to seasickness.

  2. Don’t book interior rooms without a window
    With their cheaper price brackets, a room without a view can look very enticing, but cruise aficionados will tell you it’s well worth forking out the extra money to wake up to a stunning view. A room with a window or balcony might be more expensive, but consider how your cruise experience will be enhanced by fresh air, natural light and the sight of the sea and sky.

  3. Don’t get caught in a queue
    With a mid-sized ship typically accommodating 900-2000 other passengers, standing in queues is a notorious negative of going on a cruise. Queues typically occur when departing for port stopovers (especially when a transfer or tendering boat is required). Rush hour at the buffet is another time. A good option to avoid the crowds is ensuring you arrive early.

  4. Don’t spend too much time in your room
    Many passengers don’t make themselves aware of the ships facilities and services - ranging from libraries to gyms - and fail to maximise the opportunities onboard. Cruises offer lots of fun activities, entertainment and opportunities for socialising. Remember you’re paying for it, so why not take advantage.

  5. Don’t get stung by hidden cruise costs
    These can mount up. Common offenders include drinks, offshore activities, spa activities and tempting alternative eateries and treats. To avoid your expenditure blowing out, budget for these and check out the spa specials on port days.

Finally, don’t miss the boat. Bon voyage!

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