When in Europe: visit these 7 cities

A tour down the Rhine river offers a hand-picked European experience – from Amsterdam to Vienna to Budapest, it’s a veritable cultural cornucopia. Here we share our favourite cities on the itinerary in these touring packages, as well as an exclusive deal for WYZA subscribers. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

While Amsterdam might be famous for its red light district, there is plenty on offer for those seeking a more relaxed time in the city.

The last stop on a typical river cruise, the city is an architectural paradise, from Renaissance to Georgian and Gothic styles. The works of Rembrandt and Van Gogh are on display at dedicated museums in the city, and Amsterdam also has a rich history of classical music that is memorable to witness firsthand.

Cologne, Germany

The scent of adventure awaits in Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city and one of the oldest, existing since Roman times.

The city boasts one of the largest universities in Europe, and the famous twin peaks of the Cologne Cathedral are instantly recognisable.

Among the many museums in the city is the Farina Fragrance Museum, which celebrates the invention of eau de cologne, the popular perfume the city is famous for.

Bamberg, Germany

A river tour will also take you to the gloriously historic town of Bamberg, which has stood on the river Regnitz in Germany for more than one thousand years. The town stretches across seven hills, each with a medieval style church sitting at the peak.

The majority of the town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Bamberg Cathedral, State Library and Michaelsberg Abbey are all beautifully maintained.

Another point of interest is Klein-Venedig (“Little Venice”), which is a collection of 19th-century houses on the riverbank named as a homage to the famous Italian city.

Dürnstein, Austria

Dürnstein is a small Austrian town that is a perfect stopover on a Travelmarvel river cruise down the Danube. The restored monastery of Stift Dürnstein is a popular landmark with its beautiful blue spire, and today serves as an international meeting centre.

The town is also a prominent winemaking region, with the Pichler winery available to visit and taste. And before you take off again on your river cruise, you should try one of the canoe trips on the Danube for a closer look at the area’s natural beauty.

Vienna, Austria

The ‘City of Music’ is the jewel in Austria’s crown, packed full of both cultural and natural beauty. Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert all called Vienna home, and as a result it has a rich history of classical music that continues today in the concert halls dotted around the city.

The city is also famous for the 19th-century balls it hosted at palaces such as the Hofburg Imperial Palace, so be sure to visit it at the right time for a touch of aristocracy.

Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary is a hub of Eastern European culture and an essential stop on any trip to the European continent. Boasting more than 200 museums and galleries, the city’s centuries-long history is available for all to see and explore.

A premiere attraction for travellers to Budapest are the numerous thermal baths dotted around the city, which range from slick modern constructions to Renaissance style grandeur.

Cruises down the Rhine from Travelmarvel will take you from Budapest all around the continent and are a great way to ensure you don’t miss the wonders the city has to offer.

Paris, France

There’s not a lot we can say about the French capital that hasn’t been said before, but it truly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

There’s a reason it has such a dazzlingly high reputation, from the tourist traps of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre to the multitude of bars, cafes and restaurants along the River Seine.

Your European adventure with Travelmarvel can begin here before you are whisked away on a river cruise from Western to Eastern Europe in Prague.

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