Did you know an enterprising guest once stole a grand piano from a hotel lobby? We’re not suggesting you go that far, but there are a few goodies you can pinch guilt-free.

1. Shampoo and conditioner

These are the stealable staples of just about every hotel room. Don’t feel any guilt about putting them straight into your suitcase. And here's an insider tip – if you put them into your bag at the start of every day, housekeeping will replace them with a new set. Just don’t go so far as to raid the housekeeper’s cart if you see it in the corridor. That’s not ok!

2. Toiletries

This will vary from hotel to hotel, but you can usually expect to walk away with soap, body wash and body lotion, plus extras like a toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, shower cap and mini vanity kits. As a general rule, the nicer the hotel, the more you’ll get.

3. Shoeshine kit

We doubt anyone actually uses these things, but if you like to buff your shoes on the go then you can happily throw one of these in your bag.

4. Sewing kit

Small yet handy – it can be hard to find a good sewing kit that's small enough to carry with you, so we never miss the opportunity to take the ones provided by hotels.

5. Stationery

Hotel stationery used to be standard, but the rise of the paperless world has seen them disappear from many rooms. So if you see some nice notepaper and envelopes in your room embossed with the hotel logo, don’t leave them behind. Bonus points if the stationery is personalised with your name on it, as is the case in some luxury properties.

You can never (ever) have enough pens. Grab them all.

7. Bottled water

Some hotels will give each guest one or two bottles of water a day free of charge, so make sure you drink them. Just check for any labels or price tags first, or you could end up paying $6 for a quick drink.

8. Tea and coffee

If there’s a kettle or coffee maker in your room, that means there’s also tea and coffee. Feel free to swipe these individual packets and take them with you. They are great for making a cuppa on the go. You might even get lucky and find some little packets of biscuits too!

Do you take these items from your hotel room?

Article created in partnership with Over60.