The future of motorhomes is here, with a new luxury campervan on the market.

German manufacturer Volkner has blown their competition away with the release of their Performance S model that has travellers turning their heads and reaching for their wallets.

The high-end model comes with a starting price of $3.2million, with the possibility to be raised to over $12million if the buyer wants all the bells and whistles attached.

Keep in mind, this is the hefty price to pay before you can even think about relocating the vehicle overseas.

The most unique feature of the motorhome is a slide out panel that is built to accommodate a luxury supercar.

Once the car is reversed off the platform, the metal panel transforms into an al fresco dining area.

The rear of the motorhome houses a bedroom, gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a U-shaped lounge area.

One of the most impressive features of the motorhome is a custom-built audio set-up from Burmester, which alone is worth almost $500,000.

Inside, the dining areas are fitted with several metres of lacquered macassar inlays, marble and leather all in shades of cream.

The Performance S also features a separate panel which slides out to radically extend the space of the living area when the vehicle is not in motion.

The whole motorhome is powered by a 2000W rooftop solar system, an 8kW generator and a lithium battery bank.

The whole machine is an impressive display, while also being the most luxurious way to spend time on the road.

Image credits: Volkner

This article first appeared on Over60.