Qantas has announced that the airline will be cracking down on passengers who try to dodge the carry-on baggage rules.

Currently, Qantas allows for passengers to take two 7kg bags on domestic and international flights.

However, some customers have been ignoring the weight restrictions and choosing to check in online, in order to avoid weighing their overloaded bags at the terminal.

Now, Qantas has revealed that it will be placing a “renewed focus” on carry-on weights to ensure the system is “fair” for all passengers.

Over the past few weeks, auditing has been implemented on the busiest flight routes in Australia.

A Qantas spokesman said: “Qantas offers the most generous amount of cabin baggage of any Australian airline and we know customers like the convenience of not having to check in luggage.”

“But we’re getting feedback from regular flyers who say all customers need to be reminded about how much luggage they can take on board. So we’re renewing our focus to keep cabin baggage within the ­allowances and to ensure everyone has their fair share of space.’’

The spokesman said enforcing the carry-on weight limit will help reduce delays and lessen the safety risk of overcrowded cabin bins.

If a Qantas passenger is found with carry-on that is oversized, it will be moved to the cargo hold.

Other airlines have also been targeting passengers who push the boundaries with their carry-on luggage.

Earlier this year, Jetstar introduced a new policy to allow customers to purchase an extra 3kg of carry-on baggage.

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Article created in partnership with Over60.