Lizzy Rose, known as “Bunnings Karen”, has claimed that she summoned the spirit of Princess Diana in a seance, explaining she feels the late royal's “energy”.

She posted a Facebook status on Monday, where she claimed to have a spiritual encounter with the late princess.

“I have worked with her energy most of my life whilst she was living and since her public death,” Ms Rose's post reads. 

“I am working with her energy and essence to gain the answers that we seek.”

The Facebook post explained that she will record the answers on an audio file and will then be translated into a video and be released on her social media.

“I feel we need to connect deeply to what's ahead of us as to prepare in safety, wisdom and intelligence for the sake of our humanity”.

She took questions from her followers and asked the spirit 33 questions, including what Princess Diana thinks of Meghan Markle and “is there a matrix hack we can use to unbind the police from the dark magic so they stand with the people on the day of the protest?”.

Lizzy Rose has been called “Bunnings Karen” after refusing to wear a mask despite it being mandatory in Victoria and filmed the encounter.

She uses her social media to spread conspiracy theories, including a video of her “vaccination burn” to get rid of the current Victorian Government and Daniel Andrews.

“Cast you and your agenda out. We say no to mandatory vaccinations against our will,” she said in the footage.

“We burn away your evil agenda. We, the awakened people, say no to mandatory vaccinations. We cast you out.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.