A cancer survivor has been accused of faking a relapse to swindle tens of thousands of dollars from a not-for-profit charity she worked for, a court heard.

Bone cancer survivor Fiona Morris, who was employed to talk about her experience to help those suffering from the same illness, is alleged to have claimed $27,000 in sick leave pay while employed at Camperdown’s Chris O’Brien Lifehouse until she was sacked in June.

Morris beat bone cancer in 2012, and then five years later she became a cancer crusader.

While employed at the integrated cancer treatment centre, Morris allegedly told her boss that her cancer had returned and affected her back and lungs.

The centre was then forced to hire an additional nurse to cover her work, which cost them $88,000 due to her fake diagnosis.

The 35-year-old was also handed a pay rise and promotion but her story began to fall apart when he friends grew suspicious and reported her to the charity.

Her former colleagues are reportedly furious given they look after people who are genuinely suffering and they gave her the same care and compassion.

Morris avoided reporters outside Newtown Local Court where she appeared on Tuesday.

She remains on bail and is due to return to court on December 1.

This article originally appeared on Over60.