A confusing question posted by Queensland's Department of Transport has had drivers fighting with each other in the Facebook comments.

The Department of Transport posted a graphic of a car entering a roundabout and challenged social media users to “prove they know their road rules”.

“The driver of the blue car is turning right at the roundabout. Which of the following is the correct way to indicate so that the other drivers know what they intend to do?” the Department asked.


The quiz had four options, with option A saying no indicating was needed, option B saying that you don't indicate when entering the roundabout but you indicate left before exiting, option C was indicating right while approaching and entering the roundabout and indicate left before indicating and finally, option D was indicating right while approaching, entering and exiting the roundabout.

The answer to the question is option C, but he quiz quickly turned into drivers harassing other drivers for their refusal to follow basic road rules. 

“C, although cars in Bundaberg don’t come fitted with indicators,” one quipped.

“We all know C is the correct answer, but A and B is how most people drive these days,” another weighed in.

Others mused how “amazing” it was how few people knew their road rules.

“Interesting statistics here, all comments 100 per cent correct, only one per cent will do the right thing …” another said.

“All the ones that say C, do you actually do it?” one questioned.

This article originally appeared on Over60.