It’s been hailed by many as one of the world’s most liveable cities; and for a growing number of visitors it is certainly one of the most lovable! The delightful capital of Denmark is a cosmopolitan melting pot of culture, architecture and cuisine, with a relaxed and carefree attitude. Underlying it all is the joyous and generous spirit of its people, which makes the visitor feel warmly welcomed. English is widely spoken, getting around is super-easy and there are attractions to suit every taste. Here are ten of the best.

A city of bikes

The use of bicycles as a major mode of transport is an integral part of the fabric of Copenhagen and much of the city has been adapted to accommodate the use of bikes to get around. For the visitor, the City Bike system provides a network of bike stations where you can hire and drop off as you please. It’s a pleasant way to tour the city’s many sites and the bikes come equipped with tablets that provide GPS and tourist information. Brilliant!

Tivoli Gardens

Within walking distance of the city centre you will find the iconic Tivoli Gardens; the world’s second oldest amusement park. It is a complete experience for young and old alike, with exciting amusement rides, wide open green spaces, fine food and musical entertainment. Don’t miss the regular fireworks display every Saturday night.

Amalienborg Palace

This classic example of Danish Rococco architecture is a complex of four identical buildings a sight to behold. One of the buildings is open for visitors to marvel at the decorative splendour and houses the Amalienborg Museum of the Royal Glücksburg family. A real treat is to witness the daily changing of the guard, where the elaborately dressed company of guards marches from Rosenborg Castle through the streets of Copenhagen to the Palace.

Nyhavn dockside precinct

For a more relaxed angle on the joyous city, visit the vibrant Nyhavn dockside. In days gone by this was a bustling commercial port, but now it has been transformed into a leisure-focused area with a host of restaurants, bars and musical venues that attract locals and visitor alike. Enjoy a quiet ale on the quayside, while you soak up the happy vibe and admire the historic old buildings with their dazzlingly colourful facades.

Enjoy a tasty Smoerebroed at Ida Davison

Translated into English it simply means “open sandwich”, but the classic Smoerebroed is anything but plain and simple. The Ida Davison restaurant have made this an iconic part of Danish cuisine over five generations with a choice of 178 variations of mouth-watering meats, seafood and fresh produce piled high into gastronomic masterpieces. Enjoy!

Carlsberg brewery

After your Smoerebroed, why not wash it down with the classic Danish ale from the site of their very first brewery. Originally built in 1847 to brew the world famous beer, the building is now a dedicated visitor centre that takes the visitor through the process that has made Carlsberg a world-wide favourite. You’ll see the world’s largest beer bottle collection and of course the tour ends in the bar where you can sample the end product.

Copenhagen Botanical Gardens

This 10 hectare site near the city centre dates back to 1874 and houses over 13,000 species of plants from all over Europe. The distinguishing feature is the network of 27 glass houses, including the 16 metre high Palm House with its cast-iron spiral staircase going all the way to the top. A real delight to see. 

The home of Georg Jensen

Lovers of fine silverwork will be familiar with the name Georg Jensen as the paragon of craftsmanship and style. The brand is now world-wide and offers not only silverware, but homewares, jewellery, watches, cutlery and gifts. Copenhagen is the spiritual home and shoppers with an eye for value will notice the prices are a lot lower than what we pay in Australia.

The National Museum

Denmark's National Museum displays the full scope of history of the region, dating back to the Stone Age, the Viking Era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance right up to today. Located in The Prince’s Palace built in 1743, much of the building and furnishings date back to those times. Highlight of the museum is the Viking display featuring a 37 metre long boat, which was only discovered in 1997 and is the longest surviving Viking craft still in existence.

Bornholm Island

For those who want a little more outdoor activity, why not take the trip to Bornholm Island east of Copenhagen in the Baltic Sea. This is the vacation paradise for the Danes and offers a host of outdoor activities including rock climbing, fishing, running, sea kayaking, golfing and stunning underwater attractions for the diver.

Fact file

  • Getting to Copenhagen: Many airlines fly from Australia to Copenhagen and all require at least one stop on the way, such as Dubai, Bangkok or Singapore. One alternative is to fly to London from where you can make your way to Copenhagen via train or ferry or choose a low-cost airline such as Norwegian  
  • Where to stay: The city offers a range of accommodation from exclusive hotels to private apartments and more budget conscious options. The Radisson Blu is located opposite the Tivoli Gardens and in walking distance from the main shopping street and train station.
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