More coronavirus restrictions are being rolled back from Monday, June 1 in many Australian states.

Restaurants and cafes will be able to seat more patrons, and the limits to social gatherings will be expanded.

Here is a breakdown of what you can do in each state as the rules are being eased in the coming month.


Starting June 1: 

  • Up to 20 people will be allowed to gather in one place. If it is in a house, the number must include the members of the household. Children and babies count towards the 20-people limit.
  • An enclosed café or restaurant will be able to sit up to 20 people. Customers will be asked to provide their first name and number in case contact tracing is needed. Alcohol must be served with food. The limit will be pushed up to 50 people on June 22.
  • As many as 20 people can play recreational sport together outdoors, including in public playgrounds, outdoor gyms and skate parks.
  • Galleries, museums and other cultural sites as well as outdoor amusement parks, zoos and arcades can open their doors to 20 visitors. The same goes with libraries, youth centres and community clubs.
  • Tourist accommodation such as caravan parks and camping grounds are allowed to open, but communal facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms are off-limits.
  • Travel within the state is allowed.

New South Wales

Starting June 1:

  • Beauty salons can welcome a maximum of 10 clients.
  • Restaurants, pubs and cafes can sit up to 50 people. The four-square-metre rule continues to apply. Customers will be asked to provide their first name and number in case contact tracing is needed.
  • Travel within the state will be allowed.
  • Galleries, museums and libraries will be allowed to reopen.

South Australia

Starting June 1:

  • Up to 80 people will be allowed into pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, theatres, galleries, museums, beauty salons, gyms and indoor fitness centre. Alcohol must be served with food. The four-square-metre rule continues to apply.
  • Up to 50 mourners can attend funerals.
  • Non-contact sport will be allowed to resume.


Starting June 12:

  • Up to 20 people will be allowed to gather in homes, restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, hotels, casinos, indoor cinemas, beauty salons, tattoo parlours, gyms, sports clubs, museums, art galleries, zoos, arcades, theatres, outdoor amusement parks, concert venues, arenas, stadiums, open homes and auctions, and places of worship.
  • Up to 20 people can attend weddings.
  • Up to 50 people will be able to attend funerals.
  • Travel within 250km of one’s region will be allowed.

Northern Territory

Starting June 5 noon:

  • The two-hour limit on indoor activities will be lifted.
  • Alcohol can be served at bars and clubs without food.
  • Entertainment venues and cinemas will be allowed to reopen in approved configuration, along with amusement parks, recreation centres and stadiums.
  • Travel restrictions will be lifted, allowing residents to move between communities.


Starting June 15:

  • The limit will be increased to 20 people for indoor and outdoor gatherings, including restaurants, cinemas, museums, galleries, religious gatherings, weddings and community sport.
  • Up to 20 visitors will be allowed to enter open homes and auctions, beauty salons, and playgrounds.
  • Up to 50 people can attend funerals.

Australian Capital Territory

Starting June 1, residents will be allowed to travel to NSW for holidays.

Western Australia

Starting Thursday, May 28 at 11.59pm, travel within the state will be allowed with the exception of the Kimberley and bio-security zones in the east Pilbara and part of the Goldfields.

Premier Mark McGowan said he expected Broome to become available to visitors by June 5.

This article originally appeared on Over60.