A couple from Queensland who met in a shopping centre have tied the knot in a surprise ceremony outside the Woolworths supermarket where they first laid eyes on each other.

Rob and Rose Tropper first met in 2017 when Rose was working as a cleaning manager.

Rob, a taxi driver, would stop into the shopping complex for a coffee and a chat.

Then one day he gave Rose a card with his phone number.

Speaking to 9News, Rob said he was originally attracted to the way she carried herself.

“You just used to check me out every time you went for a coffee break or a toilet break,” Rose joked.

“You used to come down and think 'oh there she is again'.”

Now three years later, Rose surprised Rob with a wedding, giving him just 30 minutes to prepare.

“It was overwhelming but it was a good surprise, good surprise,” Mr Tropper said.

“It has been very stressful but I've pulled it through,” Ms Tropper said.

The pair are set to head to the Gold Coast where they’ll begin their married life.

This article originally appeared on Over60.