Prolific light artist Bruce Munro is back again to dazzle tourists and locals alike in Darwin with his latest light-driven installation.

The latest exhibit stretches across 2.5kms around Darwin’s city centre and features eight illuminated sculptures by Munro, whose a world renowned artist.

Munro was inspired by the Northern Territory’s capital city and is the first citywide exhibition in the world.

The collection reflects Munro’s personal history of visiting Australia as well as the Northern Territory.

“This is a collection of smaller installations and a very different experience to Field of Lights,” Mr Munro told

“Those coming to Darwin for Tropical Lights will experience the beautiful city … which has everything a big city has but slightly more condensed. This exhibition is not about me plonking sculptures from (the) other side of the world and putting them in Darwin, the sculptures are inspired by Darwin.

“So I am interested to see if people enjoy it and feel and think the same as I did when I first came here.”

The Tropical Light exhibit in Darwin is open until the 30th of April 2020.

This article originally appeared on Over60.