Wildlife rescuers left heartbroken

Wildlife rescuers have been left heartbroken as they comprehend the sheer scale and task of helping injured wildlife that have been impacted by the bushfires.

Wildlife rescuers were surrounded by burnt-out trees and ground covered with ash and dead animals who passed in the bushfires.

Dozens of injured koalas

Dozens of injured koalas have been arriving at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park’s makeshift animal hospital in cat carriers, washing baskets or clinging to their carers.

However, it’s not all positive as many that have been rescued are found to be so badly injured that they must be euthanised. 

“A lot of the wildlife was incinerated.”

Steve Selwood, South Australia Veterinary Emergency Management team leader at the hospital said that 46,000 koalas were thought to be on the island before the bushfires. 

“The fires here were particularly ferocious and fast moving, so we’re seeing a lot less injured wildlife than in other fires,” he tells

“A lot of the wildlife was incinerated.”

An estimated 80 per cent of koala habitat has been wiped out

With almost half of Kangaroo Island being ruined by fire, an estimated 80 per cent of koala habitat has been wiped out, which means that once the koalas are healed, they have nowhere to go.

This issue is on the backburner as teams of vets work to save as many native wildlife as they can.