Victoria Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has revealed there is a loophole which allows Victorians who test positive for COVID-19 to leave their home while they are supposed to be in isolation. 

Sutton addressed the media on Tuesday to speak about the 384 new cases that occurred over night and the six deaths — four of which were linked to aged care.

One reporter asked the CHO one question however that uncovered a loophole that permits those with COVID-19 to leave their home. 

“Those in quarantine because they have tested positive, are they allowed to leave for exercise?” she asked.

“They are, otherwise it is detention and we do not have detention for cases in Victoria,” Professor Sutton confirmed. 

“They are entitled to exercise within their home and their garden, ideally.”

The reporter commented that the direction “would appear to go against what we have been hearing for months about what people should be doing in quarantine”.

Prof Sutton rebutted and said that the advice had not changed and related only to people who have limited space in their home to exercise.

“People who have no garden and have no other option … have a right to exercise,” he said.

“So the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities is clear that if you are not giving people an option to exercise then you are effectively putting them in prison and that is not something that can be done for a case of coronavirus or for anyone else for that matter.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.