Drivers were left dazed and confused by a road rule that deems it illegal for drivers to turn right at an intersection.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads shared a post on Facebook of a car travelling in the far right hand lane as the motorist attempted to turn right.

The car had driven over a painted island to enter the turning bay, which is legal in Queensland.

Drivers in QLD are only permitted to drive on a painted traffic island for up to 50 metres if they are entering or leaving the road.

It also applies if they are entering a turning lane that begins after the section.

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“You know your road rules, now's your chance to prove it,” the post was captioned.

Several drivers responded that it was possible to drive over the painted island in certain situations.

However many slammed the rule as unnecessary or simply “stupid.”

One motorist said: “Stupid rule, what's the point of the island then? Why not just mark it as two lanes earlier.”

Another went on to write: “Answer is yes but that begs the question: ‘What is the use of having them?’.”

Several Facebook users wrote that it was allowed to drive over the painted island in certain situations.

However there were comments stating it was blatantly illegal to drive over painted islands, which was incorrect.

There are two other reasons a motorist can drive over a painted island in Queensland – including leaving or entering the road.

It is permitted that a motorist can also drive over the painted island to safely overtake a cyclist.

This article originally appeared on Over60.