Australian life is slowly returning to normal as Bondi beach reopens and restrictions continue to loosen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The way the country has handled the severity of COVID-19 and its citizens has become a rarity throughout the world, as Australians look toward a less bleak future.

Unfortunately, developed nations including the United States are not able to tell the same story as death told soared past 50,000 within the last week.

The death toll from the virus in Australia sits at 84 and new infections have completely slowed down as NSW reported five new cases in one day on Monday.

Harvard Professor David Sinclair took to Twitter to blast the state of California and all its citizens by sharing a side-by-side comparison that show both Australia and the U.S at completely odd ends.

In the caption above two images of an empty Bondi Beach and an overcrowded Newport Beach in California, he wrote: “California & Australia have similar populations but only Australia crushed #COVID-19. New cases = 1000 vs 9 per day. While the pundits argue about the cause, see if you notice a difference between Newport & Bondi. It’s a clue.”

“I miss the days when we were the role model for how to get things done,” he wrote on Twitter.

Professor Sinclair also went on to show a timeline of how Australia has combated the virus, closed borders along with the country’s testing measures and strict social distancing rules.

California Governor Gavin Newsom criticised locals for flocking to the beach as soon as the warm weather hit over the weekend.

He warned their behaviour could mean reverse progress.

“We can’t see images like we saw, particularly on Saturday, in Newport Beach and elsewhere,” Mr Newsom said.

“The virus doesn’t take the weekend off because it’s a beautiful sunny day around our coasts,” he added.

Australian states NSW and Queensland could begin slowly easing back open as soon as next week.

However, QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk warned “If we do see mass gatherings, I will not hesitate to clamp back down.” 

Victoria however is not so ready to ease restrictions and Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters on Tuesday he wants to see at least 100,000 people get tested for coronavirus within the next two weeks before a decision is made on whether they will ease state restrictions.

“This is the biggest public health testing program that our state has ever seen and it will give us the data that will underpin the options that we will have in just a couple of weeks’ time,” he said on Monday.

This article originally appeared on Over60.