Fantastic ideas for a Golden Gap Year

It’s increasingly popular for baby boomers to take what’s known as a ‘golden gap year’, an extended intermission from ordinary life to explore the world, broaden your horizons and expand yourself.

Whether you opt to housesit, hire a houseboat, volunteer, study, teach or learn new skills, master a new language, trace your ancestry or simply explore a destination you’ve always dreamed of, there are plenty of places to choose from.

Here are some of the most popular destinations.

  1. House-sit in Greece
    Extensive coastline and magnificent islands make Greece a popular location to while away your days in the sun. Provided you’re prepared to walk someone else’s dog and water the garden, house-sitting provides an option for travelling that doesn’t break the bank. Enjoy the natural rhythms of life in a sea-facing villa and get to know the locals.

  2. Motor home around the USA
    With four million miles of highways, the USA is motor-home heaven. Tour the diversity of national parks, picturesque farmland, mountains, desert, wilderness, canyons, glaciers, beaches and cities. With sights such as the Niagara Falls and Yellowstone, it’s not hard to see why the USA is such a favourite.

  3. Volunteer in Thailand
    Cheap housing options and an inexpensive lifestyle make Thailand a popular gap-year destination. The other lure: stunning beaches, exotic temples, green jungles, tasty food and friendly locals. Volunteer in community projects such as teaching or animal welfare and appreciate the beauty of Thailand’s rural villages and islands while making a difference.

  4. Vietnam adventure
    Modest prices and captivating scenery make Vietnam perfect for an extended break within a fascinating culture. Explore geographic regions from the steamy south to the cooler mountainous north. Cruise the unforgettable Mekong Delta. Base yourself in Hanoi, voted the world’s most affordable city in a 2014 Trip Advisor survey.

  5. Wildlife volunteer in Africa
    With its impressive wildlife species, Africa is a haven for animal lovers. Contribute to helping preserve and rehabilitate elephants, lions and chimpanzees. With a population of one billion people, there’s also a great need for volunteers in healthcare, teaching and orphanages.

  6. Experience India
    Immerse yourself in India’s vast geography, ancient culture and rich history and you’ll never be the same. Seek a spiritual path in the Himalaya’s, explore ancient cities, temples and palaces, relax in Goa or Kerala or seek out volunteering. Your dollar goes far here: India is one of the cheapest countries in the world.

Have you experienced a golden gap year? Tell us about it below!