Respected Australian journalist Lisa Wilkinson enjoyed a lengthy career alongside Karl Stefanovic on the Today show as the pair worked together for 10 years. 

Things quickly broke down in 2017 after negotiations over pay failed and she quit Channel Nine and the Today show as a result.

Wilkinson is excited to share her side in an explosive tell-all book that will reveal what the public are dying to know about her fall out with Channel Nine.

Stefanovic is reportedly “freaking out” over what her new book could reveal about his personal life.

“Karl is freaking out – the timing couldn't be worse,” reveals the insider to Woman's Day.

“He's in the middle of the toughest contract negotiations of his career, he's feeling very fragile about whether he has a future and he's terrified Lisa's scandalous reveal will derail it all,” the insider explains, who says the father-of-four is anticipating he'll be “thrown under the bus”.

Wilkinson is reportedly excited to blow the cover of the Channel Nine “boys' club” as she has been sitting on a “gold mine worth of dirt” for years.

Stefanovic is also worried about his former co-host revealing details about his personal life, including his marriage breakdown with ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn.

“He is, with good reason, a tad worried that Lisa knows a lot of what went down in his personal life. What was supposed to go on tour and stay there, now may not – the word is Lisa is about to air that dirty laundry,” the insider explained.

“There's the back story around the sudden breakdown of Karl's marriage… Lisa would've been privy to the details of Karl's marriage split with Cassandra, who, by the way, Lisa has a great deal of respect for.”

The Project fans are also eager to see what the book says about her rumoured feud with beloved Carrie Bickmore.

“It's no secret Lisa and Carrie aren't exactly the best of mates,” explains the insider.

“The word is Lisa is keeping a number of key chapters light in content, in case she is punted from Ten or if Carrie or one or more of her current team are pushed out,” the insider added.

This article originally appeared on Over60.