Give gramping a go

Perhaps the term isn’t familiar, but gramping is becoming an increasingly popular form of holiday and for good reason. At the heart of gramping is the notion of just letting the generations within a family get close to one another in a relaxed setting. The children, parents and grandparents take off to a lazy location, without the distractions of every day life, and simply enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors.

Gramping is becoming increasingly popular..
It’s a worldwide phenomenon that is gaining loyal followers in Europe and America and the outdoor nature of the Aussie lifestyle makes it a no-brainer that it will catch on here too. Perhaps it’s a reaction to the increasingly isolated lives that technology has forced on us that makes gramping so appealing. Then again, it could be the prohibitive cost and hassle of overseas holidays. Or maybe it’s just a yearning to get back to what was once the norm; families congregating, sharing, learning and socialising together. Whatever the motivation, gramping certainly has a lot to recommend it.

Appealing to all the generations
For the middle generation in the mix, gramping is an ideal way to make up for the decline in visits to grandparents that seems to be the trend these days. Life seems too busy to get everyone rounded up for a casual visit to granny’s or grandpa’s, but the idea of a long weekend at a campground or holiday park has more appeal. It also has the added benefit of some built in child minding assistance, so that the parents can get some respite and recharge time too.

For the kids, the adventurous outdoor aspect of a camping holiday is always an attraction. Cooking on an open fire, early morning bush adventures and just the general freedom to play and explore in a natural location proviedes plenty of ways to stay stimulated.

For the grandparents, it is perhaps a time to reconnect and form closer relationships with the grandkids, simply due to the ‘mucking in together’ experience that camping provides. You could be teaching them to fish in a river one minute, showing them how to bowl an off-spinner the next and wind up toasting marshmallows at the end of a fun filled day. It lends itself to shared experiences.

Maximum fun for at a low cost
There is something to be said for the relatively low cost holiday that gramping offers too. For a start the accommodation is generally cheaper than any other form of vacation. Entertainment is economical too because it centres around family games and nature, which costs you nothing. Even the food is economical thanks to the novelty of cooking and eating outdoors.

It doesn’t have to be a rough experience  
While there is an old fashioned appeal to the gramping experience, the standard of venues is certainly better than it was in the ‘good old days’. Some holiday parks offer a range of accommodation options, from basic campsites up to luxury cabins, so that different needs can be catered for in the one location – certainly a necessity for those that may not be keen on roughing it too much!

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