Princess Kate was the subject of a heckler in Northern Ireland, where she was greeting crowds after visiting a suicide prevention charity.

Footage has emerged of the Princess of Wales shaking hands with the heckler, who filmed herself telling the royal that “Ireland belongs to the Irish”.

“Nice to meet you but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country,” the woman said.

The princess laughed off the comments before letting go of the woman’s hand and continuing to greet other members of the crowd.

Northern Ireland has been a hotly contested region since 1922, when the southern part of the country become gained independence and became the Republic of Ireland while Northern Island remained in the United Kingdom.

Despite the tense interaction, Princess Kate’s time in Belfast seemed quite successful, as she and her husband Prince William visited several cross-community support organisations.

Earlier in the day, the royal was spotted making and enjoying a cheeky drink with her husband after the couple travelled to the city centre to view the new outdoor street food and retail market.

Kate Middleton was spotted trying her hand at cocktail making during her visit to Belfast, Northern Island. Image: Getty Images

The market, which opened in July, was designed as a place for the community to come together to enjoy artisanal food and local products.

The pair also met with workers from PIPS, a suicide prevention charity, and spoke to them about their work helping people at risk of suicide and self-harm.

During their visit, the charity arranged for William and Kate to take part in an art therapy session, which saw them paint pumpkins with children whom PIPS has supported.

Images: The Sun, Getty Images

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