There is a simple pleasure to walking and hiking, as you get lost in the dramatic scenery of a foreign and exciting place. With the sounds of nature whispering in your ear and the leaves and twigs crunching under your feet, it’s the ultimate experience of being at one with the land.
As well as being good exercise, walking and hiking allows you to experience breathtaking views in your own time.

Our neighbours across the sea offer some spectacular nature experiences such as The Great Walks of New Zealand which consists of nine premier tracks that pass through diverse and spectacular scenery. From native forests, lakes and rivers to rugged mountain peaks, deep gorges and vast valleys...there's a Great Walk for everyone! Don’t just take our word for it. Watch the videos.

Lake Waikaremoana
This walk gives us a glimpse of the magical scenery surrounding Lake Waikaremoana.
Described as a spiritual place, the forest surrounding the lake is the biggest on the North Island. From start to end, the trek is 46 kilometres – and huts for accommodation and food are located on the lakes edge.
Great Walks tracks are well formed and easy to follow. While most people prefer to explore on their own terms, guided trips offer a bit more comfort. Great Walks are accessible from major towns that are well serviced by local operators and accommodation and transport providers. If you were after absorbing the splendour of our ‘neighbours’ across the sea, the Great Walks of New Zealand can take you to magnificent locations and allow you to experience iconic locations up close and personal.

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