Despite being in terrific shape, Scotty Cam has fans worried after a shocking injury on The Block.

The injury has caused speculation that the host could be calling “tools down” on himself, which would be devastating for fans as he has hosted the show on Nine since 2010.

He revealed that he had been taken to hospital in an ambulance after the gruesome injury occurred.

“My neck just gave way a bit from 40 years of toil,” he says. “You get to my age and all of a sudden my neck was getting squashed and my vertebrae, the disc [blew out] and it squashed all the nerves.

“I've got a fairly high pain threshold… but this was like 12 out of 10.”

Scared and worried, he called out to his wife Ann to call an ambulance and was raced to the hospital.

He underwent a four-hour procedure on his neck and after five days in the hospital, he was sent home.

An insider has revealed that the intense filming of The Block and his tendency to help out has begun to take its toll.

“He just can't be doing that kind of hard labour any more,” a source close to the star told Woman's Day.

“He's nearing 60 and he's put his body under a lot of strain over the years.

“I know Ann wouldn't want him on that set much longer.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.