The Ovolo Woolloomooloo Hotel along Woolloomooloo Wharf has been voted Australia’s number 1 hotel, thanks to millions of reviews from TripAdvisor.

Many guests are a fan of the modern hotel rooms, as well as where the location, which is right along the wharf.

The hotel itself is close to the Sydney CBD, as well as a large variety of entertainment, restaurants and transport.

Apart from being quite stylish and offering a range of room types including the Superoo, Deluxaroo and Double Double, guests are definitely fond of the free items that come with the rooms.

You get free wi-fi, free breakfast, free coffee, free lolly bar, free laundry and free drinks, plus there is a free happy hour as well as a free in-room minibar that is regularly stocked.

It’s with all these freebies that the hotel was able to bump the Pine Trees Lodge in Lord Howe Island off the top spot. However, the lodge hasn’t fallen far down the list, as it was ranked number two.

However, the freebies come at a cost, as these hotel rooms don’t come cheap. The average price according to TripAdvisor is $434 per night, but those who have splurged the money say that it was worth it.

One guest’s review said that they “could stay there forever” whereas others were thrilled with the friendly and vibrant staff who “helped us old timers with great choices for restaurants, attractions and transport”.

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