Reward points seem to be everywhere these days – when you do your grocery shopping, on your credit card and particularly when you step onto a plane. It’s fun to accumulate them, but what do you do then?

How can you use them to upgrade to business class (and actually enjoy the flight) and how do you translate them into that long-awaited holiday?

Enter the very clever Steve Hui. Hui is the mastermind behind iFLYflat, Australia’s leading boutique points advisory company.

Ideally suited to small business owners, or those with unused frequent flyer points, iFLYflat has already dealt with more than 200 million points for its customers, resulting in 2000 flight sectors booked.

Hui says that many of their customers don’t realise what they can do with unused points, which can be often sitting in rarely used accounts.

“Sometimes people feel it’s all a little too hard to sort out all the programs,” he says. “We have a special concierge service at iFLYflat that makes it all so easy.”

They can guide you into how you can discover all your accumulated points, and then translate them into wonderful trips locally or overseas. They can also help you to use them to fly in friends or family for a visit – it’s the perfect way to catch up on people you haven’t seen for a while. It could even translate into a great gift for cash-strapped adult kids, or ageing parents.

If you have more than 250,000 frequent flyer points, or AMEX or any other credit card reward points, or a combination, iFLYflat’s service is ideal.

In fact, if you have 250,000 points, that is enough for a business class return flight from Sydney or Melbourne to either London, New York (value of $8000+), or two business class return from Sydney or Melbourne to Singapore, Hong Kong or other nearby destinations (value $4000).

And just 8000 points can fly you economy from Sydney to Melbourne or Brisbane (one-way), while 16,000 points can get you a one-way business class seat.

Firstly, find out how many frequent flyer points you have, look up your membership numbers, passwords and log into your account to check. Second – find out how many credit card reward points you have, look on your credit card statements or call your bank. 

You could already have enough points for that trip of a lifetime, so use them before your hard-earned points expire. 

Interested? Get out the atlas, start dreaming and planning.

What would be on your travel bucket list if money was no option?

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