A builder burned the body of his wife’s secret lover after luring him to a remote farm and shooting him dead.

Andrew Jones, 53, is accused of burning Michael O’Leary’s, 55, remains in a rusty oil drum in January this year.

Jones found out about Mr O’Leary’s affair with his wife, Rhianon, and confessed to detectives that he had lured the man to farmland near his home.

The businessman sent messages from his wife’s phone wanting to meet for a “cwtch” at Cyncoed Farm in Carathenshire, Wales, on 27 January.

He has not confessed to murder, and says Mr O’Leary left straight after discussing the affair.

Prosecutors say Jones shot Mr O’Leary dead before burning the body.

Forensic scientist Dr Robert Lewis told Swansea Crown Court he had examined CCTV footage from Jones’ home which showed a fire burning in the early hours of 29 January.

He said the fire burnt for several hours and involved petrol or another accelerant.

The court also heard that human tissue was discovered at the farm, with forensic pathologist Dr Stephen Leadbeatter saying it was from the small intestine.

“There was no evidence [the scorching] had occurred during life,” he said.

Jurors previously heard DNA testing had found the tissue was Mr O'Leary's.

This article originally appeared on Over60.