Fellow plane passengers were left disgusted after an anonymous passenger put their bare dirty feet on a headrest.

The photo went viral after being posted, with many wondering how the barefoot passenger even managed to get their feet up on the headrest.

“Damn you Yoga! Nobody was doing this when I was a kid.

“Those seats are so tiny and tight. I cannot figure out how they even manage to do this.”

Others were quick to comment that this behaviour on planes is “disgusting and disrespectful”.

“This is disgusting and disrespectful in 99% of the world. I would never!” one user wrote.

One person said that they would take matters into their own hands if they were this passenger.

“It would take me 2.2 seconds to stand up and properly embarrass this person to the entire plane,” they said.

The identity of the barefoot head-rester has been hidden due to the way the photo was taken, but it’s not the first time that plane passengers have been called out for their shocking behaviour.

In the video above, a woman appears to be drying a set of underwear in the air conditioning above her seat.

“This is not real. It can’t be I’m horrified. WHY GOD WHY??,” one person commented.

Another person preferred to use it as fuel for their life goals.

“One more reason to save up for a private jet,” they said.

This article originally appeared on Over60.