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Home to amazing Swiss food and wine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, world-renowned events and some of Europe’s most spectacular sceneries, Switzerland’s Lake Geneva Region has a lot more to boast than just watches and chocolate - the usual suspects that spring to mind when it comes to this French speaking region of the country.

The scenery
Surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains that roll into rows of verdant vineyard-covered slopes, there really is no bad angle when it comes to Lake Geneva.

Along the expansive shoreline you’ll find beautiful old towns and villages decorated with multi-coloured geraniums as well as well-preserved cobbled streets. It all adds to the unique charm of this region and keeps history standing still. However, subtle modern elements creep in here and there so you won’t forget you’re still in the 21st century. The contrast of old and new is what makes a visit to this region truly eclectic.

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One of the major highlights and events of the region is the Montreux Jazz festival, where thousands of jazz lovers descend on the shores to soak in the Swiss summer and enjoy the tunes of the world’s most popular music legends.

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Down the road is Vevey, gateway to the breathtakingly beautiful Lavaux vineyards. Take in a World UNESCO Heritage Site, while savouring the extraordinary flavours of the region. As Swiss wines are not generally exported due to limited produce, the exclusivity of the produce only adds to the allure.

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If you simply can't eat and drink any more, then a visit to the Olympic Museum in the historical city of Lausanne is sure to impress any sport lover.
The story of the Olympics from the very beginning until today has been painstakingly documented and is presented in an exciting way – worth a visit they say!

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Fact file
The best way to see and experience Switzerland is with a Swiss Pass, which entitles the holder to hop onto any train, bus or boat during the duration of the visit. The Pass also allows the holder free entry to more than 470 museums around the country and 50% discounts on mountain peak rails. Visit for more information.

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