If your least favourite part of a cruise is the feeling of stepping back on dry land after your holiday is over, we just might have some good news for you.

A cruise comparison website has crunched the numbers and worked out that it’s actually cheaper to live on a cruise ship than in a number of major cities.

In research designed to highlight the affordability of cruising, Cruise Watch compared the price of an extended cruise to the cost of living expenses associated with major areas around the United States. And the results will surprise you!

Cruise Watch found that people who chose to permanently live on a cruise ship compared to these major cities would actually make huge yearly savings:

  • New York City – saving of $10,328 (NZ $13,713)
  • San Francisco – saving of $7,052 (NZ $9,363)
  • Los Angeles – saving of $1,956 (NZ $ 2,597)
  • Honolulu – saving of $7,416 (NZ $ 9,846)

If the sailor’s life wasn’t for you before, surely that’s changed now!

It’s amazing really to think that you can (theoretically at least) travel around the world continuously and actually end up saving money. And as you can image, these figures also say a lot about the state of the rental market on that side of the world!

Cruise Watch co-founder Britta Bernhard said, “To go on non stop cruises and save some money is an impressive proposition. It demonstrates the value you get out of a cruise compared to the relatively high cost of living at home. And not to forget that going on a cruise means to enjoy amazing ports and different countries. And all you have to do is to wake up at morning and look out of the window.”

What’s your take on the figures? Could you ever see yourself embarking on an extended cruise in retirement, and if so, where would you go?

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This article was written in partnership with Over60.