Jackson Warne has made a stark admission while explaining why he entered the tough reality TV show, SAS Australia.

After failing a hard task in freezing cold water, Jackson Warne was brought in for an interrogation with the directing staff (DS).

The staff are surprised to hear that Jackson was “feeling good” after his particularly rough day.

Director Ant Middleton is recorded asking 21-year-old Jackson, who is famously cricket star Shane Warne’s son, “what the f***” he was doing on the program.

“To test myself… and I want him (Shane) to be really proud of me, by pushing myself to the absolute limit physically and mentally,” he said

Ant asked: “What’s it like living in your dad’s shadow? Anything you make of yourself will just be cast over by your dad right?”

Jackson admitted it was “frustrating” living under his father’s shadow during the interrogation.

“It’s been pretty frustrating my whole life. Whenever I walk into a room or meet someone it’s always, ‘Oh that’s Shane Warne’s son Jackson’. It’s never, ‘it’s Jackson’. I just want to be Jackson.

“Doing this I know I can prove to everyone that no matter how easy my childhood was I can still do the tough stuff, I can still push myself physically and mentally.”

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“That’s why you’re here isn’t it? That makes sense,” Ant responded.

Jackson went on to say he found it difficult to interact with people due to his famous father.

“I just don’t feel comfortable,” he said.

He claimed the feeling of discomfort arises because he is not sure what people are assuming about him or his family.

“Drop that sh*t behind you and forget it, you have an opportunity. You’re hiding and slivering away and talking yourself out of it. Everyone is on an equal plate in there,” Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham explained to him.

“Pick your head up, you constantly have your head down,” Ant also chimed in, claiming that he needs more confidence.

“Take your head out of your a** and get amongst it.”

“I kind of wish in another reality that I wasn’t Shane Warne’s son,” Jackson said.

The reality star’s sad admission follows after he recently admitted he had never tried more than 10 foods in his life.

“OK, eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, burgers, nachos, chips, apples … that’s about it,” Jackson explained to when asked to take fans into what his diet looks like.

“In the morning I’d wake up and I’d have eggs and bacon with an oat shake. I’d go to the gym and train, then I’d have two burgers and a protein shake and then I’d rest for the rest of the day. And for dinner I’d have a lasagne or pasta.”

Warne added: “It’s not like I don’t want to try other foods, it’s just that I enjoy what I’m eating and it works for me.”

Thanks to SAS Australia, the star says he was introduced to a whole array of new foods.

“The food on the show, there were all these different foods I hadn’t had before and they tasted awesome,” Jackson said.

“We had oats for breakfast and the lunches were usually soup. For dinner, the first night we had these mini steaks. It was my first time having steak!

“I tried pineapple and rockmelon and had my first mandarin on the show as well.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.