Lisa Wilkinson has been left embarrassed after the metal underwire in her bra and zip on her jeans prompted a public pat-down.

The Project host was travelling and went through the mandatory security check which showed the metal underwire and zip.

This prompted an “inappropriate” public pat-down which she has called out on Twitter and asked for it to be “fixed”.

“At Brisbane Airport & Adelaide Airport the scan showed up the underwire in my bra & zip on my jeans & I had to have a full pat-down in both areas,” she tweeted.

“Embarrassing, uncomfortable, inappropriate & should be fixed.”

Her tweet came just hours after ABC journalist Louise Milligan was forced to take off her suit jacket all while just wearing a camisole underneath.

“I’m at Sydney Airport and new full-body security screening was made to take off fitted business jacket (only had little camisole underneath),” she tweeted.

“Have never had this happen anywhere. Man in front, in big bulky jumper, not made to change. It was embarrassing, uncomfortable, creepy.

“I mentioned to lovely Qantas staff and they were incensed and said they have had multiple women complaining of similar security heavy-handedness this week.

“They said a woman was crying after being forced to remove her T-shirt. They’ve complained to airport managers.”

Milligan responded to Wilkinson’s tweet questioning what was the point of the new technology if it wasn’t doing the job.

“That’s gross. And also, surely the whole point of these machines is they are supposed to be more efficient?”

Sydney Airport also responded to Milligan’s shocking experience, apologising and saying the incidents will be followed up with their security contractors.

“Louise, we are really sorry this happened and are urgently following it up with our security contractor. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. If you have further details, please send us a DM,” they wrote.

“Thank you for replying. They were rude and, frankly, sexist. I felt humiliated. And yes, I will DM,” she responded.

Image: Instagram

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