A spike in lost visitors has prompted the local authorities in Sardinia, Italy to warn tourists about using Google Maps to find hidden beaches.

The island is famed for its white sand coves and stretches of sand.

Local authorities have recently reported a spike in lost tourists who have tried to find the island’s “hidden beaches” but ended up on dangerous cliff edges instead.

Emergency services and the fire brigade are regularly called out to rescue tourists who find themselves stuck on dirt tracks.

A family who were travelling in a Porsche were forced to abandon the vehicle after nearly falling off a cliff.

144 vehicles have been rescued in two year and authorities are now putting up signs that advise visitors not to use Google Maps on the island.

Baunei Mayor Salvatore Corrias told CNN that the signs are in both English and Italian, warning of the road tracks.

He said Google Maps were “misleading” drivers and often took cars on “unpassable tracks”.

A Google Maps spokesperson told Sun Online Travel:

“We're aware of an issue in Sardinia where Google Maps is routing some drivers down roads that can be difficult to navigate due to their terrain.

“We're currently working with the local government to resolve the issue and are investigating ways we can better alert drivers about these types of roads.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.